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  1. Great blog! I know a lot of people who have and their experience sounds nothing like the personal and customized experience the homeowners are getting over at Starlight Village.

  2. I’m just getting caught up on reading. I love seeing these houses. Thanks so much for all of the backstory, too! I really appreciate their attention to authentic materials mixed with more modern amenities.

    1. Thank you so much, Amanda! We worked really hard to get all the details right, while making the homes function for modern code and lifestyle. It was like being on a treasure hunt!

    1. Thank you so much, Donna! Aren’t they pretty?!

  3. Christina says:

    These homes are beautiful! I have two product questions: which company manufactured those stairs? and where did they find the blue wavy tiles (kitchen backsplash)? Hopefully those aren’t the tiles from California, ha!

    1. Hello, Christina! This is Theresa, from Starlight Village. So sorry for the delay in answering your questions…we just had a baby! 🙂

      The wavy blue tile is from Fireclay, and we used the “Moonstone” glaze for that pretty, minty-aqua tone. Very fresh! The stairs were custom-built on site. We have searched so long for a great set of stairs, and finally had to make them ourselves! The treads are cut from a slab of butcher block countertop material and sanded and finished to get the look you see here. Pretty!


      1. Christina says:

        Thanks, Theresa! The homes are gorgeous and congrats on your new baby!!