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  1. Bennie Dorough says:

    Peace lily isn’t technically poisonous, but it contains a compound that can be extremely bothersome to pets, children, and even an adult if consumed. Even the pollen from the spadix can cause oral irritation if licked off fur and paws. The culprit is the presence of calcium oxalate crystals.

  2. I love 🪴 so much and I its in my blood it comes naturally to take care of plants. Nomatter what kind it is I will stick my finger in the dirt to get a feel of the moisture so I know if it needs water and just by looking at it if it needs sun love it

  3. Emily Lane says:

    Thank you for these, I love new ideas! Like you, and many others, I started growing an indoor plant collection this last year. My favorites have been the pothos, ZZ, snake, and dieffenbachia. I don’t know if there is a short name for that one but it is an easy and happy plant. I’m interested in that pilea one you have and I want to get a Ficus Audrey. The one thing I have a hard time with is where to place plants. My living room is nearly all windows so there is only one shelf and I don’t want to put them all there. I built a plant shelf in my kitchen window but I would like to add more plants in the bedrooms, bathroom, etc.

    1. I bought a monstera today to go with my snake plant, sanseveiria (a type of snake plant), ZZ plant, cactus and succulent (you are right about those not actually being for beginners; I think I finally found the right balance of giving it water like once every six weeks). I don’t have great light inside my house, so the dream of a home that overflows with plants will have to wait.

      I mostly have plants outside – geraniums, salvia, Boston ferns (also very easy for beginners), herbs (tougher), and whatever little annuals I buy our boys each year. We also have a full vegetable garden – the tomatoes and cucumbers are doing best this year.

      Oh yeah, I started the pandemic with just the snake plant and cactus. 😂