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  1. Katherine says:

    Hi Amanda,

    I’m considering First Star for an old Victorian house we just bought that has a lot of unpainted woodwork. We are leaving the woodwork unpainted but want to paint the walls a color that will brighten and modernize the space. If I want First Star to read as white, should I paint the crown molding and ceiling First Star, also?

    Thank you!

    1. Our baseboards are pure white, so you can see the difference between a pure white and First Star in all of our photos! I think it would read as mostly white against just about anything – it’s a VERY light gray.

  2. Ann Marie Keen says:

    Hello, thank you for pics and thorought of FS . I have narrowed it down to FS for our whole house, with either SW Pure white or SW Extra White trim, doors and celing? or should we paint it SW FS flat on the ceiling?
    We are coordinating with SW Indigo Batik , SW Rain and SW Worldly Gray for kitchen Cabinets (previously painted 2 yrs ago)so can’t change that, .
    We live in Arizona, so lighting is very different,- Question: SW Pure White or SW Extra white for doors, trim and ceiling? or use FS?

    1. In our house, we have SW Pure White on our doors and trim, and we have First Star on the ceiling. 🙂

      1. Ann Marie Keen says:

        Hello, just saw your reply post, Well, in the blog it states that you used SW Extra White in the baseboards and then SW Pure white on the doors and door trim and then SW First star on walls and ceiling?? Is this correct? Please advise, I am having a struggle with SW Pure White or SW Extra White for my trim doors and baseboards. WE have a cool greyiish beige off white floor, and live in ARizona . Don’t want to pick up yellows, ..

  3. We also get a lot of natural light.
    Hale navy kitchen island light grey counter tops with bright white cupboards (ikea) and b nickel hardware
    in the kitchen.
    In the living room we have a driftwood panelling accent wall and a driftwood colour dinning table. We live on the ocean hence the driftwood accents and brushed nickel lighting. I am considering the first star paint colour.
    What do you think?

  4. Tina Connolly says:


    Would first star work in bathroom with no windows ? And could you also use it for a ceiling paint as well as the walls together ?

    1. Hi! Yes, we have it on a windowless bathroom in our house, and we also have it on all of our ceilings!

    2. Any input on SW Spare White for exterior? We will have some stained wood at entrance and white windows with stained wood accent on top. Would love your opinion ( house is board and batten)

  5. Andrea Johmson says:

    Going to use First Star in home building. Our trim and cabinets will be snowbound.
    I am having difficulty finding flooring to go.
    Whst do you have? I love it! I’m finding that the floor is too pink or greenish or gray.

  6. Lisa East says:

    What do you think about First Star for kitchen cabinets?

  7. I found your post because I just had a house built and the builder used First Star throughout and I hate it, ha ha. Such a bland, boring color, especially since we have a big open floorplan and white kitchen cabinets. We didn’t have a choice on anything, being post-Covid with material shortages, so I was looking for ideas of what to do with it. Anyway, your home looks lovely and I’m glad you’re enjoying the color.

  8. So light and airy I love it! We will be getting our main areas painted in first star in a couple weeks!. Except the dining room. It will be done in agreeable gray for a little warmer touch.

  9. Jennifer Buchanan says:

    We have this color in the house that we are buying (inventory home currently in build process). I’m trying to find a nice color of “cut and loop” carpet for the upstairs that won’t clash with it. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi! We have a light gray/tan carpet – you can see it in some photos towards the end of the post. I don’t know the name of the color, though.

  10. Hi…. Will FS look white on the exterior? we will have dark brown/black trim

  11. This was really helpful. I was going to do a cool Grey on my walls. Currently it’s that builder white color, kinda yellowish tint? But I just put in white quartz counters and liked the airy feel. But I didn’t want stark white. The way you described it as a really light cool grey is exactly what I’m looking for. It looks great in your house!

  12. Becky Flora says:

    Finally I’ve found someone who has used First Star throughout their home like me! I love it paired with my Extra White trim. So light and airy! Could definitely use some help on my kitchen, however, where the previous owners painted the kitchen cabinets a warm Dover White (think creamy and yellow) in an area that doesn’t get much natural light. I have to fix this. Looks like we have similar granite too. What color are your cabinets and backsplash? Love your home!

    1. Hi! Ours are a pretty pure white – we didn’t choose the color, but it’s a good basic white. The backsplash is light gray.

  13. Hello what color is on the ceiling? Thx

  14. Yes, I love this color! My daughter picked it for her room and it is beautiful BUT, I would not call this a white at all. This is a very light, light gray. It looks gorgeous with her gold rose accents and white bedspread but you can totally see the gray in it.
    It brightened her room soooo much! Looks beautiful in your home too! 🙂

    1. Totally agree. This is not white. This is light light gray! We went with SW 7005 – Pure White in our home. That is white.

  15. You have done a great job choosing the colour. It looks lovely. I want to paint our hall and bathroom. I am leaning towards grey. Hope it looks as good as your home.
    Thanks for sharing.