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  1. It looks amazing! I love how subtle the stripes are, which is just lovely. I’m sure your guests will feel right at home in this cozy room!

  2. I love the subtle stripes! I think the pink tone works really well with the brass bed. We’ve gotten rid of most of the pink in our house- there was a ton of it, but we are starting to consider keeping just a touch of it. I’m getting a little sentimental and I think it can look really cool if updated.

  3. The stripes aren’t easy to see in the photos, but I can just imagine how awesome they look in person! The subtle tone on tone is my favorite execution of striped walls!

  4. Wow, it looks really nice! Also loving the subtlety of the stripes. Very well done

  5. I love this! So subtle and perfect – this is exactly what I want if we ever have a girl one day. And great job, getting straight lines scares the hell out of me.

  6. Love stripes! I’ve painted them before and they can certainly be a bear! I do the same thing with painting the base color first. However, even then, some paint can come off the wall when removing the tape. And, then there is measuring and leveling and taping… It’s definitely a significant project. Good job!

  7. It’s so subtle, but I really love it! It looks great!

  8. I love the subtle stripes! Personally, I’m not a pink person, but when it came time to paint my room at my parents’ house I actually decided to go with very pale pink because it really does help warm up a room and makes it look more inviting!

    1. It’s funny, because I’m most definitely not a pink person either, but I love it in here!

  9. Amazing job! It is harder to see, but I think I like that better because it’s a nice subtle addition to the room.

  10. Seriously in awe that you did that by yourself…that’s a LOT of work! But you did it beautifully! Love the stripes, the colors and the idea of glossy black accessories!

  11. Holy moly, I can’t believe you did that by yourself!! It is really hard to see in the photos, but I love that it’s so subtle! It’ll make it possible to really focus on the decor of the room. So cool!