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    1. Clarissa – It was definitely pretty amazing! Cannot wait to go back!

  1. My daughter and I live in Florida and decided to take a road trip to New Orleans and then Ft. Hood to visit my son, dil and brand new granddaughter. Of course, we also planned a visit to Waco since we were so close. Loved the whole set up. We stop at the bbq place close by not realizing MM had all those yummy food trucks. Also, did you get a chance to go into the Findery? The store next to the BBQ garage a block down? Also, we went to Clint’s shop/store, Harp Design Company which is close by. All such gorgeous stuff.

    1. We didn’t! We just went to Magnolia this time, but we live close enough that we’ll definitely be back and will have to check out all of the other stores close by!