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  1. I’ve adopted the mantra, “Don’t put it down. Put it away.” It really helps me, especially with the folded laundry and mail. Also hanging curtains high and wide is a game changer, and I use baskets for everything!

  2. Jeanette Tedrow says:

    I put a basket with a lid (like a picnic hamper) under an end table to hold my surge protector and some of the excess computer cord and phone charger. We like to use the laptop while sitting in the easy chair or on the sofa. Sitting at a desk is too much like “work.”

      1. Dannielle says:

        I have read several clog post today on how to how to uncluttered a room. Yours is the first one I a tully found useful! Thanks so much for all this great information!

  3. peter perletti says:

    I like the high and wide curtain