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  1. Beautiful! I love this DIY and love how well they pair with your chandelier! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I see you have a pothos there! I got one last year from Walmart and it has pretty much tripled+ in size. I love it! I try to water it once a week, and during the really warm spell last week I set it out on the porch and it sort of flourished. It really is a plant that can stand a lot of neglect. My home was flooded in June, and my pothos sat on the porch all summer and into September until I got concerned there might be an early frost that would kill it. I would water it when we stopped in to check on things – so yeah, pretty much once a week. It sat in full sun that entire time and really flourished – so, if it starts looking a little down, pop it over into a sunny spot for a day.