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  1. I always clean the toilet, wipe down the sink, and put a fresh hand towel out in the guest bathroom.

    1. Yes! I think the bathroom is probably the most important room to get clean!

  2. I always worry that guests think our floors are a mess (they’re a medium-dark hardwood and we have a dog), but there’s a good chance they’ll never see the dust ball under our console table 😛 And I am totally guilty of getting sidetracked while trying to clean one spot… I always notice something else that I think I need to focus on.

  3. Great tips! I would always pick floors too because of the dogs and hardwoods.

  4. Great tips, I always clean the bathroom first, then the kitchen. Then I shove everything else in the nearest closet, lol.

  5. Great tips!!! I am always in a rush or panick to get the house “guest friendly”! It can be stressful, but these tips are helpful!

    Something I do is throw a lemon cut in quarters down the garbage disposal! It gives the kitchen a nice citrus scent! Makes the extra spots on the cabinets less visible and smells clean! Haha!

  6. This is great tips when you have your home on the market. I am thinking of selling my home and building another end of this year! These tips will come in handy.

    1. Hahaha glad I’m not alone!

  7. That is really good advice! I wish my house was always guest ready but with two kids that just doesn’t happen! P.S. I love that light above your table!