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  1. What is the dimensions of the nightstands. BTW they are Georgous!

  2. What stain did you use on these it looks amazing

  3. I’m so impressed and excited for you all that you opted to work in your master suite first. People usually put the master last on the list but doesn’t it make a difference to have a sanctuary to enter into each evening!!??!!?? It has to give you renewed energy for the rest of your projects as well as your main job of mom-ing the heck out of those cute boys! Congrats!!

    1. Thank you! And yes, it has been SO nice to focus on our bedroom this time around. It’s my favorite spot in the house!

  4. Wow they turned out so well!!! They look super expensive and really do complete the room. Well done!!! I’m so proud of you

  5. The nightstands are beautiful! What an accomplishment. Love how the whole room looks.