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  1. This looks awesome!! Love everything about it. Did you attach the cedar board to the ladder with hardware or are they sort of resting on the ladder and weighed down by the planters?

  2. Great idea,nice job.An unique idea bring a good result.Your garden an exemple for everyone who want to gardening in there yard.Thanks for given an effective blog…

  3. Loretta Bryant Taylor says:

    Good choice using succulents and cacti. They are hardy plants that need little care.
    Love the ladder idea!

  4. Sandra Garcia-Jackson says:

    Absolutely love your ideas!! I’m in California and the ladder idea is awesome!!

    Also love that couch!! 🙂

  5. What is that blackish purple plant? Love it.

    1. I believe it’s a Purple Aeonium!

    1. Thanks so much, Jessi!

  6. PS I do know someone in the area looking for a couch! Can you post a link to your ad? Or email?

  7. I have been slowly trying to get some plants to grow, too! I have had a cactus (like the one you have on the bottom right) for years and it seems to be going strong. It takes zero effort to keep it alive. I never water it! Just when it rains it gets a little and sometimes when we water the yard the sprinkler hits it. I’ve had the colorful cacti too, and those didn’t hold up as well 🙁 Hope you have better luck!!

    1. Cactus seems to be pretty easy, haha! My other ones aren’t looking so hot already – I don’t know what my problem is! 😫