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  1. As a DIY tutorial this is pretty pathetic. You mentioned many types of hangers but didn’t include pictures of them. Monkey hooks? command strips? French Cleats? Anchors, Picture Hanger.
    You didn’t cover using wire hangers on the frame or the idea of using two hangers instead of just one. The advantage it will almost never not be level.

    1. Sorry to hear it isn’t up to your standards. There are some photos of different types of common hanging hardware, and pretty much everything is linked so you need some more info on Monkey Hooks, French Cleats, etc, you can easily click on the link to see more!

      You may have missed it, but I did cover the method I use for two hangers versus one (Under the “painter’s tape method” section).

      Sounds like maybe you should consider starting your own DIY blog – you seem to have a wealth of knowledge and maybe you can provide a better tutorial than I can. 🙂

  2. GrGreat advice! However, you said nothing about hanging something on Wood Paneling. I live in a 1980’s Mobile Home, with Paneling on the walls. Th”studs” are only 2 x 2’s so finding a Stud that will hold a shelf is impossible. Help!!