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  1. I live in western PA, and it’s definitely not spring up here… yet. *womp womp* Today, it’s 45 degrees and sunny, and we went for a walk at the creek because that’s great weather compared to what we’ve been having. LOL Like you, I love the hygge concept. Since it does tend to be associated more with fall and winter, I wonder if there is another Danish word they used for hygge in warmer temps? Then again, it doesn’t get that warm in Denmark. The average temperature in August is like 60 degrees. Ha,ha.

    1. I read a little more about hygge, and I guess I was thinking about it a little inaccurately (when I wondered if there was another word for use in warmer seasons LOL). One Danish site described it as more of a “feeling or an experience” while “enjoying the good things in life with good people.” LOVE THAT 🙂