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  1. Toma Bowen says:

    Question, I could only get gloss for the colors I want, and I’m making a gradient with these. 1 should I spray a base color? It’s already primed. Or should I do the whole spray with multiple colors ever 5 mins? Can’t decide how to start this. 2 I want to clear coat it, do I let dry for 2 days then do a light sand and then spray the couple layers of clear?

    1. If it’s primed, you shouldn’t need a base color. If I were doing this, I’d probably do the entire thing (with all of the colors) for each coat. For the clear coat dry time, just follow the directions on dry time from whatever paint brand you use!

  2. Thanks for your notes. I’m spray painting a wood shelf. Is it better to lie it down on the ground or paint it while it’s standing up?

    Thank you,
    Spraypaint newbie

  3. Our fire table was damaged from moisture over winter. Can I use an outdoor spraypaint to touch up the “tile” top or will the paint heat up and become combustible? Thank you.

    1. I’d recommend using a high heat spray paint if you’re going to try something like that! Rust-Oleum makes spray paint meant for areas that will be exposed to high heat.