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  1. Congrats on your new home! Just a random thought but since the garage door is so prominent adding a carriage style door might really be gorgeous.

  2. Hi Amanda and family!
    Congrats again on the new house. I look forward to all the projects you will share!

    One thing that always baffles me is the concept of builder basic things that can’t be changed. That seems so wasteful. Here in Germany when you build a house like this (with a set layout and some options and so on) and you don’t like something the builder offers – like the floors, or the tiles or whatever you always have the option to just leave it out completely and save the money. So in your case you might have paid $60 less and not have any lamps above the kitchen island instead of some you don’t like and will uninstall and sell/donate/trash asap…

    Anyhow – all the best for all of you and a great time making the house your new home!
    Greetings from Germany