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  1. Katie Cameron says:

    Did you use the glaze or just the paint with the top cover? I love the deeper blue finish you were able to achieve!

  2. Denise Ross says:

    I found your blog through HomeTalk and I’m fascinated about no sanding. I am wondering, how does someone know how far a paint kit will go? In other words, does the paint kit come with approximate square footage of how much it will cover? Thanks!

    1. Hi Denise! There are two sizes for the kits. The small one should cover 100 square feet, and the large one can cover up to 200 square feet.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    OMG, that looks awesome! Found this through Pinterest and was drawn to it by the “no sanding” after drooling over the cabinet color! You’re right about looking very blue. I love that color if that was accurate, however, in your more closeup pics I see what you mean about it being more green undertones, and I really like how that turned out as well. These are the shades I’m planning for my bathroom, so now I’m excited to plan that project! Thanks for helping me to see the vision I was thinking put into reality😀. I’m so glad to have “stumbled” across this! 👍

    1. Thanks so much, Elizabeth! They’ve got multiple different options! Ours is definitely a blue-ish green, but there are lots of colors.

  4. Hey! Followed you from HB!! Would this work on laminate cabinets?

    1. Hi Tiffanie! Thanks for coming over here! 🙂 This would absolutely work on laminate cabinets! Their website says it’s good for wood, laminate, and melamine.

  5. Great work, Amanda! Thanks for sharing the detailed process with images! Really helpful. I’d apply the same approach to kitchen cabinets as well.

  6. Blue tape is your friend, I mean as far as painting goes you did a great job and they turned out fantastic. However in your photos I feel like the jagged lines next to your walls detracts from the overall effect.

    1. Haha, you’re not wrong! The project is still far from finished – I still need to paint the walls, so I wasn’t terribly careful with the lines on the vanity. It’ll all be a lot more crisp once it’s complete!

  7. That looks great! I will keep this product in mind! Can you use it on anything? Dressers, china cabinets, etc?

    1. Yes, ma’am! It would be perfect for both cabinets AND furniture!