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  1. I cook, I can ,I bake and I love having extra sets of bowls,measuring cups and spoons etc. I don’t want to stop in the middle of what I’m doing to wash utensils when time is a factor. And my old dishtowels are great rags to sop up spills and get tossed in the wash. For some things and some people minimizing works but sometimes all you need as far as organizing goes, is to lay your hands on what you need when you need it.

  2. I am moving to a smaller apartment, so this is good to cut back now instead of whe I am moving in. The bathroom is not as much as a challenge as my kitchen will be. I love to cook, and have a lot of “gadgets” to work with. Will be a challenge but I can do it.

  3. I am glad to see how fast, effective and popular the Mary Kondo book became. I received it for my birthday last fall, from one of my daughters, read it in two days, and started right away with the purging.
    Who says, you cant teach old dogs new tricks!
    At my ripe age I am still open to suggestions. I dread the thought of hoarding or just holding onto something what does not give pleasure. Our house became airier, but there is still room for improvement.
    Wish everyone good luck with this sensible and smart movement.
    Agi From Montreal

    1. Agi – Glad to hear it worked for you as well! We’ve really enjoyed following the method so far, and it’s done wonders for our home!

  4. Marlena Ferris says:

    I’m so glad I’m finding people’s experiences with the KonMari Way when it comes to kitchens. I’m a May-newlywed and received some fantastic and totally needed kitchen pieces and in turn have purged 4 boxes worth of hand-me-down, not so great pot/pans/gadgets. This included 7 sauce pans and 4 different sets of measuring cups. It’s funny how throughout our clean out we kept having to remind ourselves that we only needed 1 of each kitchen item. Getting rid of so many things was a great lesson to us that in the future, we should really think through our impulse buys.

    1. Ahh, getting married and combining households is such a good time to get some serious purging done! It can be so hard to let go of the clutter but it feels so awesome once it’s all taken care of!

  5. Love this! The kitchen is definitely one of those places where the gadgets and gizmos add up quickly. It’s amazing how much stuff you can get rid of that you don’t even miss.

    1. It’s really appalling, isn’t it?! It feels so good to clear out our kitchen a bit!

  6. This sounds like an amazing method! Would love to give it a try to get more cluttered areas of my house nice and clean. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. I’m a huge fan so far! My house has never been more organized before! 🙂