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  1. Hi! I realize this is an old blog post so I’m not sure you’ll see this. I just asked about the color and I’m also wondering how the slipcover has help up. Thanks SO much for your help.

  2. Hi πŸ™‚ I’m about to order a comfort works slipcover for my couch. I LOVE the color of yours. It actually looks more like the “Performance Blend Blue”. The Kino Navy is actually cheaper so I would rather buy this! However, I dont want a “navy” couch. This looks a lot brighter to me. How do you think it reads? Thanks so much for your post! Very helpful. πŸ™‚

    1. Hi! Sorry for the delay here, I’m a bit behind with comments. This is definitely the Kino Navy, and I would say that what you see in these photos is pretty true to life!

  3. Hi! This is great, we’re just about to buy a Lounge II but was worried about this exact issue. I was also wondering – have you had problems with feathers poking out? Do the slipcovers solve that problem? Thanks!!

    1. I never had issues with the feathers poking out! I know that some thing others have dealt with, but it was never a problem for us.

  4. I looked at that sofa on Crate and Barrel and for almost $3000 I would hope none of the fabric choices would start to look bad after a few months! No way am I spending that kind of money on a sofa.

  5. Aviva Rosenberg says:

    Love your slip cover! When you washed the crate and barrel covers. Did you wash them on cold and let them air dry? Was thinking about washing mine!

  6. Christy Minnich says:

    So, would you say that the couch is ‘worth’ it quality wise Like if you did a higher quality fabric? I have been looking at used ones for sale to check out how they are holding up and it seems to be crap shoot – 1/2 look good 1/2 have smooshed cushions.
    While the Comfort Works might seem pricey – they are cheaper than going up to the highest grade fabric.

    1. We have no complaints about ours! We really do love the sofa and haven’t had any issues with the cushions losing shape.

  7. The sofa with your Doberman is a different color than the sofa in your first post/review of the sofa. What is the color of the sofa your dog is sitting on? It’s a lot lighter than the Taft steel (which I like!)

    1. It’s the taft steel! It’s kind of a mid-tone gray, not super dark but not super light either.

  8. I love the colour you chose! Unfortunately, a basic cover for my couch is $609 USD and being Canadian I will need to add another 25% give or take a few percent. I really like the idea of repurposing instead of filling our landfills but this is just a little too pricey for me! It’s too bad because these are some of the nicest slipcovers I have ever seen. ☹️

    1. Hey Giselle! Just wanted to let you know that we provide a refund on import taxes for all our Canadian customers, just gotta send a photo of the receipt to us. We also provide FREE world-wide shipping for all orders valued at US$ 150 and above. And if you order before July is over, we have a free Expedited Shipping upgrade for you – guaranteed delivery in 10 days! A few things to keep in mind if you really want our slipcovers πŸ™‚

      1. hi comfort works! Was just on your site looking for this same slip cover but for the 73’ version of the Lounge couch. Do you have one for the 73’ two seater?