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  1. I have the Lounge II Sofa and it leaks feathers and sags regardless of how often you vacuum/fluff/rotate it… I even got a replacement and am having the same issue. Go with another option if you can!

  2. Hi, love that tufted ottoman! We are getting a Lounge sofa, and we’d like to know where to get that ottoman? Thanks!

  3. Really considering purchasing with Taft stock fabric but we took a swatch home and spilled soya sauce and coffee and it soaked it ALL UP immediately and soaked right through. We did clean it with soap and water to see if it would clean up and it did, but I can’t imagine what would happen to the inside of the couch since it seeps through. How has yours held up?? Not sure if I really need to upgrade the fabric because its a heafty penny.

    1. Hey Cindy! I never had an issue with any lasting stains on it, no. It held up really well for us!

      1. Cindy Yee says:

        Thanks for your input!! 😀 Appreciate it

  4. Hi there! Can you tell me what the width of the petite seat cushion is? The only measurements I can find are the height & depth. Ordered the 3-piece sectional today and want to add an ottoman to the end seat. Thanks so much for the great info on the sofa!

    1. Hi! Sorry, I don’t know that info – we had to sell the couch when we moved to a new home.

  5. Chelsea McDaniel says:

    Hi Amanda-

    We are looking at buying the lounge petite as well. I noticed some reviews on the site complained of feathers constantly coming out. Have you had this issue?

    1. We did have the occasional loose feather, but I definitely wouldn’t call it a constant issue. Maybe once or twice a week?

  6. Hi. Do you have to fluff the couch daily? Thanks!

      1. Katie Sue says:

        Now that you’ve had the couch for a few months, how is the fabric holding up with the everyday use?

  7. Camille Gidich says:

    About to purchase the lounge II. The salesperson in the showroom was talki. Me into upgrading to performance material because we have kids and inevitable spills… it’s soooo much money to upgrade. Like, $1,000 extra. I have read a lot that you can pop the stock fabrics in the wash. What are your thoughts? It’s a big investment as it is, will the extra money to upgrade the material REALLY be worth it? Can’t break the bank and the stuff is already pricey. Help!!

    1. Hi, Camille!

      Yes, I found that the stock slipcovers could be machine washed without issue. We had some issues with pilling with the base fabric (but we also have a Doberman who spent a LOT of time on the couch) but it was easy to keep clean otherwise!

      1. Camille Gidich says:

        Thanks! You just saved me a lot of money haha.

  8. Thank you for this post!! after sitting on the Lounge II in store I knew it was the couch I was looking for. I called it a perfect “nap couch” 🙂
    I was unsure if the petite would be too shallow but after your review I am going to go ahead and order the petit! thanks again! its probably much better for apartment living too haha

  9. Hi! We just purchased the petite without seeing one in store. I know the seat depth is 24” but I’m curious if that is the depth of the entire seat or just the part that isn’t covered by the back cushions. Does that make sense? Like do you actually have a full 24” of space or are a few inches lost to the back cushions? I’m just trying to figure out how the sofa is 41” deep but the cushions are only 24?! Thank you!!

    1. Hi! The cushions are about 30″ deep, so you do end up with about 24″ of seating space!

  10. ashley groth says:

    how has the couch held up? looking to purchase this week!

  11. Hi Amanda – really helpful stuff here! You’ve convinced me to go with the petite instead of the regular! One quick question though. Is the couch wide enough for two people to lay on comfortably while watching some TV? Or would you have to remove the cushions to do so? I would love your input!

    Thank you,

    1. It’s definitely wide enough for us without removing the cushions! We have a little more room if we remove the back cushions, but we can comfortably lay with them there.

  12. Taylor Lankenau says:

    We are currently couch shopping as we close on a house the end of the month. We’ve had our eye on this sofa from crate and barrel, but the closest location to test it out is 3 hours from us. Does this couch make that weird crinkling plastic noise some couches make when you sit on it? We’ve found that every couch we think would be comfortable or is more spacious makes that weird noise. We like our couch to be silent if that makes sense. Would love any feedback you have as it is an expensive couch!

  13. I’ve had the lounger sofa for a few years now and have the problem that the cushions totally sink. They get sink holes. And crate and barrel already replaced them for us once (after we had the sofa for about a year.) I’m not heavy, about 110 lbs and I think there is something wrong with the cushion materials. Just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem?

    1. Interesting! We haven’t seen that issue at all, but it’s definitely something to keep in mind. We’ve had ours for about 18 months but haven’t seen that particular issue.

  14. Hi Amanda! I love your website, thanks for this awesome review. Its been a while since you have this couch. How is it holding up? We are decided on this couch (only not the petite version, on the contrary we want the “Double chaise” gigantic one which is basically a like a bed). What we haven´t decided on is on the fabric. Is either Taft Steel like yours or a View Black. Unfortunately in our country Costa Rica they don´t a have a “View” model on display. The taft steel is gorgeous looking and really comfortable, but we were worried about the feather coming out problem specially for such and open fabric, or in the case of a hairy dog, the fabric being a fur magnet. Any comments on that? Also, do you have an affiliate link for the Lounge II 2-Piece Double Chaise Sectional Sofa? Im not sure we can order through the website being in Costa Rica, but we can try. Thanks!

    1. Hi Luigui – I wrote an update on our sofa here. We ended up having issues with the Taft fabric holding on to smells from our dog and pilling. HOWEVER, it should be noted that we have a very large dog who spends an inordinate amount of time on the sofa – I think if you have a normal dog who doesn’t hang out on it aaaaaall day long, it likely wouldn’t be a problem at all. We don’t have issues with feathers really at all – there are a few here and there but I think that’s unavoidable with any feather cushion, no matter the fabric.

      Also, I so appreciate you asking about an affiliate link! If you purchase the sofa you want after clicking on any of the sofa links in this post, I should get credit for it – you don’t have to purchase the exact item linked to. 🙂 But, here’s a link to your specific sofa, just in case!

  15. Thank you for sharing your experience, especially on describing the distinction of the petite version. I went to the store to try out both versions. I am a 6’1″ dude and the regular version is definitely too deep for me. It forces you to lounge back and is almost impossible to sit straight up with your feet touching the floor. The petite is perfect and I’ll have mine in 6-8 weeks!

    1. You’re going to love it! And I totally agree – the regular version is too big for anyone, unless you want to use it as a bed, haha.

  16. Thank you so much for your review! I just purchased the regular Lounge 93″ sofa and now feel like I may have made a mistake!! I actually asked about the petite version and the salesperson told me it was not in stock. I am moving and just sold my old sofa so it was very important to me to have the sofa delivered on my move-in date (Nov. 15). I just called and spoke with another salesperson to see how long it would take if I switched to the petite version and she told me it is in stock! I just said I would think about it but think I should switch – I also got the taft cement color (in stock) but was also informed that the taft steel is also in stock – I do not have children or pets so no worry on the color – I wonder if the cement is too light though as I entertain a lot. Ugh! Help! I am so confused as to what to do now – I lived with a sofa I hated for 4 years because it was so expensive (5,0000.00) and I do not want to make another mistake!! I wish making a decision came easier for me but it does not!! I would appreciate your thoughts on both the size and color! Thanks so much!! You are so talented and have such a good eye!!

    1. Hi Jacey! It totally depends on how you use your sofa, and how tall the people in your family are! We aren’t particularly tall, and found that the regular version was much too deep for us to just sit on. You HAVE to “lounge” on it. It’s no big deal for a movie night or if you’re watching tv, but if you have friends over and just want to chat, it could get weird. The regular version is about as deep as a twin bed. We find that the petite version is perfect – you can sit comfortably on it without putting your feet up, but it’s really easy to cozy up into!

      I think if you prefer the cement color, stick with it! The fabric cleans really easily (and I’ve found that it’s washable too), so you should have no problem keeping it clean. I wrote a blog post about how I clean ours, if that helps.

      1. Thank you so much Amanda! – I made the switch and ordered the petite version! I love it so much!! I kept the lighter color too. Thanks again. I am going to read your post on how you keep it clean now!

        1. I’m so glad you love it!

  17. Hi! Thanks so much for posting this review! I’m like you and need to see furniture in real homes, not just in the store or website. One issue I kept seeing in the reviews was that the feathers kept coming out of the Taft fabric. After having this sofa for a while now, how’s it holding up? Any feathers coming out of it, or is the fabric pilling?

    1. Hi, Andrea! We do have the occasional feather pop out – but nothing that really bothers me. I just pick any stray feathers off the couch once a week when I vacuum it (there are usually only a couple). It’s not worse than any other feather pillow I’ve owned. Our sofa is holding up great! The fabric does have some minor pilling on the areas where we use it frequently, but I also feel like I should note that we have a Doberman who sleeps on the couch every night. So, it gets used HARD! The pilling isn’t noticeable unless you’re really looking for it, though. We’ve had it for a year and I can definitely still say I’d highly recommend it!

  18. Ask serious questions about the springs in this sofa before you purchase. We bought ours 8 years ago. Today my husband took off the dust catcher to see why the sofa was sagging and I cannot believe the ‘spring’ construction. We are not new to do-it-yourself. These are not eight-way hand tied springs or even sinuous springs. It looks like light weight hog-wire attached with cot springs. The springs are pulling out of the frame and the ‘hog-wire’ grid has snapped in several places. The newer versions might be better constructed. Ask to see a cut away drawing on the spring system. I wish I had.

    1. Oh no! Thanks for sharing that – we haven’t had any issues yet, but we’ve only had it for a year. Hopefully they’ve fixed the issue!

  19. I just ordered the same sofa in the regular lounge size for our bonus (teen room)! Where did you find your rug? It looks beautiful with the sofa and looks like it would wear well and not look dirty, even if it was ; )!

    Thank you!

  20. Hi. Our family has been thinking about buying this couch but have read some not so favorable reviews regarding how it holds up over time & complaints about feathers popping out all over. Wondered if you still love it as much now that some time has passed. Have the cushions deflated at all? Would love to hear your thoughts.

    1. Hi Rene –

      We’ve had it for close to a year and don’t have any complaints yet. There are definitely some feathers that come out, but you’re going to get that with any down-filled sofa. I’d say I find a few each week – it’s definitely not a major concern for us. We don’t have any issues with the cushions deflating – they fluff really nicely thanks to the feathers! I’d still highly recommend it.

  21. I am about to pull the trigger on this couch. Did you all end up getting the petite version or the regular? Do you find the couch “too blue”. I was looking for a gray couch and have fallen in love with this one but the color does seem to have a lot of blue in it. Two kids and dogs we need a dark color sofa. Thoughts on color now that you have had it awhile?

    1. Hi Kari! We got the petite version and are very happy with it! It’s very cozy, and it’s a great size for our family.

      I definitely wouldn’t call it too blue – there are blue undertones in it, but it’s solidly a medium-tone gray! We’ve got two dogs and a 4-year-old, and one of our dogs sleeps on it nightly – it’s still in fabulous condition. Hope that helps!

  22. How are you liking the Taft fabric after a few months? I’m considering buying a different style couch but using the Taft steel colored fabric. Thanks!

    1. Hi Libby – we love it! Our dogs spend a ton of time on it (my Doberman sleeps on it nightly), and my kiddo uses it as a jungle gym and it looks pretty much brand new. We’ve also found that it’s machine-washable – we let it air dry, but it washes great!

      1. Thank you for the quick response! Your post was super helpful and I’m way more confident in my fabric choice now!

  23. Hey ! We just purchased this couch and wanted to check in to see how it is holding up! 🙂 I’m scared of it sagging or getting worn looking too soon thank you!!!

    1. Hi Dayna –

      It’s been holding up great so far! The pillows on the back are down-filled so they’re easily fluffable when they start to look saggy, and we’ve even found that the covers are machine washable (we just let them air dry).

  24. Your décor is lovely. Where did you find the square tufted leather ottoman? I’m searching for a similar piece?

  25. We love this couch but are worried about our two dogs ruining the fabric. How has it been holding up with your dog?

    1. We’ve had it for just over 6 months now and so far it’s holding up great! My doberman sleeps on it all night every night (and often during the day) and there’s no visible wear. We also discovered that it can be washed in the washing machine (I haven’t tried drying it, but the covers washed beautifully!), so that’s a huge perk too.

  26. Hi! I love this couch and how you styled it. I’m actually hoping to buy one for my basement, but how did you get it delivered? I’m worried it’s not going to fit through my (standard-sized) doorways or hallways so I’d love to hear about that process for you!

    1. Hi, Stephanie – We had no issues having it delivered and didn’t need to do anything special. Our doors are standard-sized as well, and our home is very small, but the delivery guys were able to bring it right in, no problems!

  27. Where isn’t your wall art from. Love it!!!

  28. Hi! Thanks for this! My husband is 6’3 and I’m 5’7. Our store doesn’t have the petite. I love how comfy the lounge is but you’re right that the regular size is almost too deep. Do you think we would have room to lay side by side when watching movies on the petite?

    1. Hi, Leah! We’re able to comfortably lay side by side to watch television with no issues – that’s our go-to position for movie night! 🙂

      1. Amanda, you’re going to laugh! I am STILL researching and came across you post again. I scrolled down through comments and said. OMG…there is a girl names Leah looking at this couch and she is the same size as me and her husband the same size as mine. Lol! Duh! That’s my comment. I went ahead and purchased today! Excited!

  29. Hello!

    My husband and I have been eyeing this couch for two years! Always somehow find an excuse to NOT get it – but now we’re moving and want to take advantage of the 15% discount! We went to see it last night and agree the petite version is more appropriate for us. With that being said, our cat has front and back claws. She does not scratch our furniture but she does get rambunctious and sometimes runs to the top of the couches/chairs and then springs off. The saleswoman highly recommended either the suede fabric that’s graded-in OR using one of C&B’s other fabrics that would be an upcharge. She said the woven (taft?) fabric is not ideal for pet owners. But of course, that’s the look I like most!

    I see you have a dog, can you attest to the durability of the taft upholstery?


    1. Hi, Renee! We’ve only had our sofa for about two months, but the fabric is holding up just fine with our two dogs. We have a Doberman who sleeps on the couch literally every night (and is on it a lot during the day, too). I can’t see how this wouldn’t be a pet-friendly fabric – it’s a super thick weave and seems really durable to me! We’re definitely pleased with it!

    2. Hi! Curious to know if Renee purchased the sofa! We are looking at this couch and have a cat that will occasionally claw at the furniture :/ If so, how’s it holding up?

      1. Hi Ashley – I would say that this particular fabric (the “Taft” fabric) will likely pill if you have a cat that claws. My doberman spends a lot of time on our sofa and it’s definitely starting to pill after more than a year of use. It looks fine and we still love it, but if any pilling would bother you I’d go with a different fabric.

  30. We just ordered the same couch and can’t wait to get it! Where is the leather ottoman from? I am looking for one just like it.

  31. I thought you were going to link to other bloggers or am I missing those links? I didn’t see them. I have this couch at the top of my list and am just waiting to travel to sit on it at the store to be sure. Thanks!

    1. Whoops! So sorry about that, and thanks for pointing it out! I’ve updated the post, you can see the links at the end of the post.

  32. The sofa looks great in your space! My husband and I are struggling to find a great sofa that makes us both happy. Our Crate and Barrel in Houston doesn’t have a Petite version of the Lounge to try and he hates how far back you have to lean in order to sit in the non-petite version. Is it a drastic difference? Does the shape of the pillow still force you to lean back?

    1. Thanks, Jessica! There is definitely a drastic difference between the two. The petite version is 5″ shallower, and I find that I can comfortably sit up on the couch (without “lounging”), and I’m only 5’4″. My feet do not touch the floor if I’m sitting all the way back on the sofa, but I have no problem sitting up straight if I want to.

  33. Looks great! I love your ottoman. We are thinking of getting new couches. Now that the kids and pets are older. I can get something decent! Nice review. Thank you for sharing on Merry Monday! Hope to see ya next week!

  34. I am considering getting this couch is the taft material and was wondering how yours has held up since you first got it. Thanks!

    1. Hi Natalie! We’ve only had it for a few weeks, but we are loving it so far!