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  1. Looks so good!
    The base cabinetry, is it custom? An IKEA hack?

  2. Tracie Wagner says:

    Gorgeous- How is the Roman clay holding up? Does it chip,dent or otherwise get marked up- similar to drywall? Does it look closer to a concrete finish or a faux painting technique? Thanks

    1. It’s held up great! Looks exactly the same as the day I finished – no issues at all. It looks closer to a concrete finish than paint.

  3. It’s beautiful, I’m so impressed with this project! Wowsa!!!

    Curious why you decided to go with an electric fireplace versus gas? Thanks.

  4. Congratulations, Amanda! You did an amazing job! I was following faithfully on IG and I am still surprised that it looks sooooo good! Definitly suits your living room and filled your huge blank wall beautifuly. Great job!

    1. Thank you SO MUCH, Ana! You’re always such a great cheerleader and your encouragement means the world to me!