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  1. What color caulking did you use at the end for the finished look?

    1. Depends on the finish of the rest of the fireplace! I’d do something to match as close as possible to the other stuff happening.

  2. Curious where you sourced your wood for this project? We are getting ready to build a very similar mantel and haven’t been able to agree on what grade of lumber we should be considering!

  3. Hi there! First off, Gig ’em! I noticed the nice Aggie ring! Second, are you telling me this is really held together entirely with wood glue? I’m sort of in shock about this. I’m building a mantle myself right now and was thinking a combo of wood glue and pocket hole screws. Thanks!

    1. Yup, just glue! And it’s SOLID! Wood glue is extremely strong, and if it’s used properly (use plenty, spread it around, etc.) you should be fine without any additional support.

  4. Can you explain where the 1 x 10s and the 1 x 8 was used in the project? Basically where are those boards located on the mantle?

    1. Hi Clint –

      The 1X8 board is the front and sides of the mantel, and the 1X10 board is the top and bottom.

  5. I do have a question – how much would it change install to do it on a brick fireplace?? We’d love to build our own, and this looks right up our alley, but I’m not sure about installation on a brick surface. Help! ☺️

    1. I don’t have direct experience with it, but I’d imagine you’d just use some brackets meant for brick! It should be pretty simple, as long as you research and use the right hardware.