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  1. Chelsea Braswell says:

    We are deciding on paint color for our vertical shiplap wall. Can you share what color this is?

  2. Any update on how the boards are hanging in with out liquid nails?

    1. Absolutely zero issues! Still looks just as good as the day I finished installing them. 🙌🏻

  3. looks great!!
    Can i ask where the TV console is from and the finish color? thanks

    1. Hi! It’s from Home Depot – you can find a link to it on the Shop Our House page!

  4. Meaghan Easterhaus says:

    may I ask if the boards nailed into dry wall and not studs are just as sturdy? i’m hoping to do this in my dining room!

    1. So far, yes! I addressed the technique I used with angled nails to help keep them in place in the post – so far it’s working like a charm.

  5. Brittany Sanchez says:

    How did you finish along the ceiling? It looks so good!

  6. What paint sheen did you use for this project? I am debating between the eggshell and the sating enamel in this color. Would it change the color and how it changes in the light?

    1. Hi! I use matte for almost all of my interior painting! A higher sheen will definitely affect how a color looks when the light hits it, but not too dramatically.

    1. Hi, did you install directly above the baseboard or did you remove the baseboard before install?

      1. Our baseboards are simple 1×3 boards, so we left them! You can do either way, though.