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  1. Did you prime this and then paint? What type of paint or sheen did you use? Thanks

    1. Hi! I use a paint with built-in primer – and I typically go for a semi-gloss finish for a project like this.

      1. Thank you! Hoping to build mine soon, I just finished painting my hall. When you use the brad nailer to do the top decorative piece, did you then have to fill/ cover the nail heads/holes? Also if I don’t have a brad nailer can I just hammer in small nails?

    2. Hi Allison, thanks for the tutorial! I just ordered the hooks and before I purchase the wood I want to ask if forgoing the bottom trim would make a need for a bigger board? You mentioned using a 1×10 for the hooks size, but not sure if that would be necessary if not using that bottom trim piece. Also, I am not sure what to paint it. We currently rent so painting walls isn’t something I can do…all the walls are slightly off white – should I try to match that or is regular white too much? All the trim is oak and the front door is a dark brown. I have a modern farmhouse style but honestly I don’t think anything really matches…🤦‍♀️. Any advice would be appreciated. 🙂

      1. Nope, the trim is purely decorative! And a pure white would look gorgeous if you’re going for a tone on tone look.

  2. Kari Horak says:

    Thank you so much for this diy tutorial! Also, thank you for the link to the hooks! I realized I may have copied the description and pasted in my Amazon app — and that you might have missed out on a kickback — sorry about that. I ordered the hooks in bronze and absolutely love them — they definitely take my coat rack up a notch. Thanks again!

  3. Rhonda Bratcher says:

    Can the shelf be increased to 4″ or 5″?

  4. Sarah Cook says:

    I’m planning on making this tomorrow but I don’t have a nail gun. Should I predrill holes and use wood nails? I have an impact driver also.Sa

  5. How far apart did you place the hooks?

  6. I keep looking and looking, but… Did you wind up foregoing the trim at the top (step 3)? I can only find where you use two 1×2 boards.

    1. Oh goodness, you’re absolutely right! I didn’t ever plan on top trim, I’m not sure why I said that. Clearly my brain was somewhere else. Thanks for noticing this – I edited the post!