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  1. We have a miter daw. I can not get the table to be at 0 degrees. It’s stuck at 5 degrees.
    I know the adjustment is at the back. I just can get it to move. Any thoughts?

  2. Miter saw is quite challenging to use. This will be a great guide how to use for beginners. Proper guide and be careful to use it. Thank you for sharing this article!

  3. Ilsa Cunha says:

    Hi! Can I cut a whole piece of wood on this. I mean, can I move a piece of wood as a could do in a table saw? Is it useful at all if I want to build a cabinet?
    Thank you!
    I love you blog.

    1. Hi! Depends on how large the piece of wood is. This is meant for cross-cuts, meaning making wood shorter (not necessarily narrower). For example, my miter saw can handle wood up to about 10″ wide.

  4. I know this post was several years ago, but I’m SO interested in getting started with woodworking. Seeing your video with the miter saw made it much less intimidating! Two questions: 1) is there a miter saw that you would recommend that priced for beginners? 2) What do you put it on? Are there stands/tables made specifically for a miter saw?

    1. Hi Lee! I recommend Ryobi as a great starting point for newbies. And, we love having a mobile miter saw stand. Our folds up for easy storage and is very simple to move around the room as needed!

  5. Excellent post. Nice tools for everyone. The tools look very handy and comfortable. My husband was longing for a miter saw. I used to be sent him your Tutorial link.I love to check a tutorial on Miter Saw Stand.

  6. I hear ya! I want to learn how to build on my own, but some of the tools can be a bit intimidating! Our miter saw is the one tool I feel pretty comfortable and confident with. I’m looking forward to following you along in this series 🙂

    1. I’m excited to learn more!!