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  1. So glad I stumbled on your list! I totally forgot I need to recaulk a shelf in our bathroom. One thing I would add to the list is professional upholstery cleaning. I know it seems kind of frivolous but I am still shocked by how clean they got our couches and chairs!

  2. Amanda, Amanda, Amanda. I’m loving your blog! It’s a breath of fresh air. All the posts are easy and affordable!!! I was just looking at the one about entranceways and I think I need more plants now lol. This one is no exception. You are right that you should clean your roof and gutters once a year. They go hand in hand.

    1. Thanks so much for your sweet comment, Jemma!

  3. I like that you mentioned inspecting and repairing your roof and siding. My sister is looking to some home maintenance and really wants to keep her home nice. I’ll be sure to talk to her about finding a professional service that can help with that.

  4. These are very useful tips! Even though we do it every year, sometimes a couple of those tasks may go unnoticed, so thanks for sharing the list!