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  1. To answer your question, I’d maybe paint a small building like a shed, but never a house. If the prep isn’t done properly, including scraping (not just power washing) the paint will be peeling like crazy in a couple years. The guy who owned our house before us painted the house himself. He obviously did not know what he was doing because 5 years later it was just awful. We had professionals come and paint. A crew of 3 spent an entire 2 days power washing and scraping our house before they painted. I know I’d never have done such a good job.

  2. I bought a sprayer to paint my kitchen cupboards and despite the clean up annoyance, the finish can’t be beat! There is no way I’d paint a house without one! Your shed looks great! I can’t wait to see the house!

  3. Great job!! I love red and white barns! They are popular here in NC, too. I wondered how you guy’s were making out in all the severe storms.