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  1. I’m considering painting my cabinets a gray color using this kit. Did you use Greige on all of the cabinets pictured in the article?

  2. I started painting my cabinets but the colour isn’t right. Definitely not mixed correctly. Really gray but asked for winter fog which is beige. Can you repaint. How would this work?

    1. As long as you haven’t sealed it, you should be able to get the correct color and just repaint!

  3. Do not use this product. We followed every step, even looked up YouTube tutorials, and now we are either going to have to reface or replace our cabinets. I “protective top coat” is a joke. Google all the issues people have had for yourselves. If it sounds too goo to be true, it usually is, case in point. Buyer beware.

    1. So sorry to hear you had a bad experience, Julie! We’ve used it multiple times with great results every time, so I do stand by my recommendation, but thanks for sharing your experience!

  4. Very interesting article.
    Thanks for giving me inspiration to repaint my kitchen cabinets in my new home.
    I am looking forward to more advice in your next articles, Jessica

  5. Tori Todd says:

    Hi, I am considering using this kit on my cabinets! How many boxes did it take you to paint your kitchen? Thanks!

  6. Although this is a sponsored post (and i NEVEr Everrrr comment on blogs and stuff..)… WOW.. you seem very genuine and very educated on painting furniture and cabinets! Your experience is similar to mine; i have had a semi successful painting of bathroom cabinets before selling a house but noticed up close yellowing (over my gray chalk paint) from the can of polycrylic* (teal can of sealant I am not sure if that was the actual name it has been 5 years or so). I am seriously considering this for my entire kitchen. which is a big deal since it’s our family’s home for multiple generations, but the kitchen cabinets are early 90s builder grade, never been painted or anything exceptional.. but no major problems in their function or condition so I’d HATE to scrap them all! Might be worth mentioning when you buy new standard cabinetry the quality is NOT better in new ones than it was 20 years ago.. not in my experience. I replaced one bathroom vanity with a high-end looking, granite countertop “ready to go” cabinet and countertop set (all in one) from a major retailer. and after installed it looked great from afar but the actual cabinetry was so flimsy and thin. looking at others in stores since and theyre all like that. so what I’m getting at is your ideas here are much better price and effort wise just to paint and switch out the top! going to save this and use for reference. very nice job!!!!

    1. Thanks so much! Yes, it is a sponsored post but I never share about products that I don’t truly love and I’m the one that reached out to Rust-Oleum about partnering on this because I’m so passionate about their products! I just love being able to work with what’s already in our space, and I really do think this product is a fantastic way to give your space a refresh with a product you know will last!

  7. I’m excited to hear what you think about this. I’ve never used a set like it. Our cabinets are oil based though. Do you think a deglosser will be enough?

    1. Hi Jessica! I checked with my contact at Rust-Oleum today and they said the cabinets only need to be sanded if they have been previously painted. Otherwise, you should be good to just degloss!