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  1. I think this is such an important thing for people to do. I can definitely get caught up in thinking about all of the things we still need to fix with our house, and I really need to be more intentional about appreciating the things that work well. So here are a few: 1) We have no super close neighbors, and we are surrounded by woods. It’s pretty peaceful. 2) We didn’t pay much for the house, so our mortgage balance is getting really low (like less than a nice used vehicle). This has allowed us the freedom to make job changes, endure illnesses, and keep our total debt almost at zero. It’s great when we don’t feel stuck and overwhelmed. 3) Our laundry area is on our main level, between our bedroom and only bathroom. It’s so efficient. 4) I have learned and honed so many DIY skills living in this house and realized how much I LOVE doing house projects. 5) This house helped me to realize we don’t need a bigger house… I just needed less stuff! (Imagine that. LOL) Thanks so much for prompting a moment of gratitude!

  2. I love this!! I don’t take the time to appreciate our home as much either. We are always so busy working and cooking dinner and figuring out our responsibilities that the “home” part of it gets lost and it is just a shelter preparing us for the next day. Since leaving my job, however, I’ve been able to tap into my DIY home renovating love again and I am bringing back the “home”!! I love that I have laid down our floors and they are warm and inviting. I love that our daughter Emily has always been a part of this house as well. I love that I can sit on the back porch and look up to see thousands of uninterrupted, Texas sky stars. I love that we make a fire in the fireplace as soon as it hits 60 degrees – Texas doesn’t give you many opportunities! Finally, I love our 3 acres – we have space for our dogs to run around chasing the squirrels, we make fires on the ground for our BBQs, and we drive a tractor around to shred the tall grass. It’s something not many people have the opportunity to experience, especially if they live on smaller parcels of land!

    1. Yes! It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily grind. And I’m totally with you on the fire as soon as you possibly can. You gotta take what you can get here in Texas, haha. Three acres sounds amazing, too! We’ve always dreamed of having land like that!

  3. I love my travel trailer, being disabled, it’s just enough room for me to have the space I need, but nothing extra. I can actually prop up in my bed and see out the bay windows in my living room. I love It!

    1. That sounds so lovely!

  4. We also live in a small home (800 sq ft – 2 bed/1 bath), but rather than think about it as too small for us, I look at the things I love about it. My husband’s desk is in a nook off the living room, so even if he’s working, we’re all in the same space and he doesn’t miss any moments with our daughter. You can see straight into our only bathroom from the couch, so when my daughter is taking a bath, I can relax a few feet away from the comfort of the couch rather than perch myself on the toilet. I’ve also noticed that our style of living is that we pretty rarely hang out in the bedrooms of our home, so having smaller bedroom isn’t a loss at all. Sure, I sometimes am annoyed at the toys that spread themselves across our entire living room, but at the end of the day, I love that we’re all always together. AND then there’s the real benefit of being less than 4 miles from downtown Austin with a 15 minute commute. NEVER MOVING.

    1. LOVE your attitude, Meagan! I’ve been working on doing the same and it really does make all the difference.