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  1. Lisa Martin says:

    Hi, wait enjoy your blog and I have been reading it for a few years I first came across it when I was trying to learn how to install my wallpaper from Anthropologie. It is not the peeling stick kind.
    I finally have the nerve to go ahead and try it but I can’t find your instructions maybe it’s because I’m using my Android phone I will look on the laptop but if I remember right you had shared several details about your project.
    I just love your house and all the projects you do and the hints and tips and hacks that you share thank you very much Amanda
    Lisa Martin

  2. Thank you for the detailed steps! I am wondering about the wall edge – it looks like your wall on the left stops and turns a corner … Did you just stop the wallpaper there? Any special tricks? I am about to wallpaper a “nook” and the outside edges are stressing me out!

  3. This is such stunning wallpaper! Thanks for sharing these tips and inspiration!

  4. How much wasted paper did you end up having? I’m thinking of wallpapering my entry hallway, which has 4 doors and a double door wide opening into the living room. I thought it would be cheaper since it’s so much less wall fo cover (half walls too with a chair rail), but I’m thinking I will end up wasting so much with the cutouts?

    1. You’ll need to account for the doors/windows in order for the pattern to line up – there’s a fair amount of waste with a room with a lot of doors!

  5. Does the single roll come in pieces or is it just one full sheet.


  6. carrie nichols says:

    Can you chat about the texture of your walls? Mine are a light orange peel, seem similar to yours. The installer, who quoted me $600 for a 5×8 powder room, went on and on about how important it is to skim coat/primer and then do the wall paper. I remember my mom hanging a wall paper border mid 1980 and there was no skim coat/primer applied. Did you do any sort of wall prep?

    1. We did not skim coat ours. You can see the texture through the wallpaper if you get up close to it, but it’s not enough to bother me in the least!

  7. Looks amazing!!I do have wallpaper from anthro but now looking at your post want to install asap.
    Can I know how if you used any glue?

    1. This wallpaper is pre-pasted, so you just need to follow the directions I outlined here!

  8. This is so pretty! I love the idea of doing wallpaper as an accent in a space like this. I’m confused by how you did it for around $200 though – wouldn’t that just be two sheets?

    1. Hey Jillian – two rolls of the wallpaper was just enough to cover this space! Each roll covers about 50 square feet.

  9. It looks gor-gee-mousse! So beautiful, had to create a whole new compliment word, lol

  10. Sara Prendergast says:

    Obsessed with this! I cannot stop looking at it! Where did you get your light fixture? It’s so much fun!