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  1. What a great list! I recommend so many of these games all the time. For fans of secret roles games, I also love Deception: Murder in Hong Kong. Up to 12 people can play, and it’s always a favorite among my gaming groups.

    And if anyone wants a raunchier game night, both Codenames and Telestrations have “adult” versions!

  2. Elizabeth Miller says:

    We have most of those and I agree they’re so fun! I’ll have to get Nadia. I didn’t know there was a specific game for it! I love to play it with my kids at the end of the school year! (I have 8th graders). I’d recommend “we didn’t play test this at all” it’s a $10 card game on Amazon that can have up to 7 people I believe. Although we’ve played with 10. It’s a series of “rule” cards or random requests. It’s hard to explain but it’s SO silly and fun. I also really like Quelf for big groups but they have to be wiping to get silly. The last time I played I was in a homemade fort for 45 mins haha!

    1. I’ll have to look into that – sounds like fun! Quelf is absolutely hilarious – I love that game, too. 🙂