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  1. Ashleigh Mathew says:

    Hi! Have you found the table has bowed at all in the middle over the 10 years?

  2. Hi! Did you have any issues with white stains from heat? This table looks gorgeous but reviewers say it gets white stains too easily, and I want something that will hold up with daily use from two adults and a kiddo! Thank you! 🙂

    1. Hi! We’ve had this table for almost a decade now and I don’t think we have any white stains! We don’t put hot things on it much (we always use a coaster or trivet for hot dishes), but it has held up really well and is still working great for our family!

  3. I am considering this table. How solid is it? Is it a very heavy piece of furniture?

    1. It’s very, very solid! We’ve had it for almost a decade now and it’s still doing fantastic.

  4. Nicole Fredericks says:

    I am considering this table right now for our dining room, but can’t decide on the color. Is your the honey or grey wash color? Thanks!!

    1. It’s the honey color!

  5. did you do the lighr?

  6. Love the table and I can’t wait to see what you do with the chairs.

  7. Uhm. Those chairs are going to be AMAZING by the time you’re finished with them. They have so much potential!

  8. The table looks great! Can’t wait to see what you do to the chairs.

  9. I love the shape of those chairs! And the two end ones are especially fabulous. Can’t wait to see what you do with them!

  10. Love the length of the new table! Can’t wait to see the the chairs once you tackle that project.

  11. That’s an awesome table! Glad it fits (and all the chairs fit around it!) Looking forward to seeing what you have in mind for reupholstering the chairs.

  12. The table is soo pretty! It’s perfect! I can’t believe all the different patterns that are going on!! I know you guys will pick something awesome to reupholster them in though, so I’m excited to see that!

  13. It’s a great looking table! Looks like it fills the space well, too. Did you just get a bigger size in the same type of table?

    1. Yep, we got the 104″ table as opposed to the 82″ one we returned. So, its 22″ longer and almost 10″ wider. The length doesn’t show too much becuase of the way our chairs were with 82″, the only difference is that they can be pushed all the way in now. The width is the big difference and it is perfect now.