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  1. Andrea Cupello Harvey says:

    Beautiful project..! I’m looking to do something similar for our front porch; our front door is “hidden” from street view and what you see most is a blank wall 🙂 Do I spy an Aggie ring on your finger???

  2. Carmen Self says:

    I have been using gorilla glue and have been really disappointed with the Clear Grip it fails miserably and I went for the large tube and it is sad to trust company that other products like the small plastic size are great, that it baffles me that you tout this item as great. I can honesty state I will never it again I do most designs for my walls and the stuff fell and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. Been doing this for home decor 16 years and all I got was a mess. MRS. CARMEN P. SELF

    1. I’m sorry to hear it hasn’t worked well for you! We made this project a year ago and it has been kept outside the entire time – we haven’t had a single issue with pieces falling off. I definitely stand behind this product and can confirm that it has worked really well for me. I’m sure if you reach out to Gorilla Glue via their website they would be happy to chat more with you about the product and see if they can help you troubleshoot what may have gone wrong. 🙂