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  1. Great work on this project Amanda! It’s great to see how positive you remain even with some of the negative feedback you received.

  2. Great work on this project Amanda! It’s great to see how positive you remain even with some of the negative feedback you received.

    I agree with Vera and the boldness is key!

  3. Great wood wall art! it looks very pretty. I will try this art at my home. Thank you for sharing such great tutorial.

  4. Craig Shaw says:

    Hi Amanda,

    Nice wood wall art project! Your other projects (Edison chandelier) are pretty cool too. It’s great to see more folks getting into the DIY movement, and helping others learn too. That last part is a lot of work.
    I’m a long-time woodworker in Austin, and would love to meet you guys sometime. I live south in Estates of Shady Hollow, and recently retired so I have lots of time for woodworking now. Drop me a line if you’re interested in meeting. I’d be happy to help you with some of your projects, though you certainly appear to know what you’re doing!

  5. Looks like shit. A 14 year old shop student could produce something that looked more intentional.

    1. Hi Fuk! Thanks so much for spending time on my site and sharing your opinion. This was actually my first ever woodworking project so it’s absolutely fair to say a student in shop class would have more experience than I did. 🤷🏼‍♀️ That being said, I still love the project and have it hanging in my home to this day! Hope you have a lovely day!

      1. What a rude comment by someone who couldn’t even leave their real name. This is awesome and a great tutorial, thank you for sharing!!

        1. I’m actually an experienced woodworker, it’s not my day job but I’ve built plenty of furniture and sold pieces. I love this idea, I think it turned out great, and I’m going to build the same thing for our tall foyer wall in our bi-level. Excellent creative work! I hope you’re proud of it! I’m gonna browse your site more for your great ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing! I think it looks very pretty. I see the flowers nearby and wonder if you can somehow add them to the piece itself. Is there any way to stick a few silk flowers or plants, around or in-between the slats? I think it would make it look even prettier!

    1. That’s a fun idea, too!

  7. This is very interesting work of art, when I first saw I wondered how did you come up with this beautiful geometrical pattern, then scrolled down a bit and canva answered my question. I have worked on Canva before and come across lots of these patterns there, you fiddled with them very nicely. Wood always looks good and this beautiful pattern of lines and angles took it to an another level.

  8. Amazing project! A simple graphic statement piece, and a wooden one – could it get any better?

    I will be the one boo-ing change of color, though. I colored my entryway in a pretty similar shade, mounted a stained glass chandelier brought from Istanbul, and now it’s one of my favorite areas. Hope your new color will be as bold as this one!

    1. I promise, it’ll still be bold! 🙂