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  1. Love this simple tutorial! So quick question: I know for the windowsill, you said you just used construction adhesive and then nails for extra support. Is that what you did for the trim too? Just construction adhesive and nails? Can you see the nails through the paint?

    1. Hi Sara! Yes, we attached it all with construction adhesive and nails. And no, once you add caulk or wood filler to the nail holes and paint over them, you can’t see them at all.

  2. Shirley Van de Vliert says:

    I made roman shades for both of my bdrm windows and I lined them with special room darkening fabric. They look classy and they let in a lot of light during the day and none suring the night. They are not hard to make either.

  3. We have JCP room darkening cellular blinds (DO NOT buy the Mirage style). I wait for a sale and google for a % off coupon. We love these and have put them in our entire house.

    1. Good to know! Thanks, Carole!

  4. Well done! Love the new look. For nursery, there are lots curtains match with the bedding. That’s my favorite.

  5. I had one of the Ikea shades in my bathroom. It worked really well, but it was almost always closed because the window was right next to the toilet. I ended up going with a window film on the bottom window pane instead, and left the top pane see-through so you could see the trees in the yard, but I imagine that you wouldn’t want to do window film for a bedroom. I don’t know if you need a shade on this window, especially right now when the baby is young. Maybe wait and decide what, if anything, you want to use in the rest of your house so that it all matches. I don’t have any shades in my house now – only curtains.