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  1. Kyla Nolde says:

    Is this a down filled couch? If so, do you have issue with feathers coming out of the couch?

    1. The back cushions are down filled, yes. And the occasional feather pops out but it’s not really an issue for us!

  2. Hi, I believe my dog snagged the fabric on my lounge 2 Taft fabric sofa. Has this happened to yours? If so, do you cut the fabric that pulled loose? I just got it one week ago and I’m worried this couch might be a headache when it comes to my huge crazy dog.

    1. Hi Amber! We had a bit of pilling from our dog (who practically lives on our sofa) but no snags. We found that a fabric shaver worked wonders for dealing with any pilling issues!

  3. T. Brasfield says:

    Yay! So glad I found this article. Last year I paid a professional cleaner $250 to clean my sofa and it still didn’t look clean. Also, with 2 kids under 2, that didn’t last long. Almost a week later my baby threw up on the couch. Yikes!

    I tried washing just the side pillow and on regular wash with detergent and it came out just as new! I was so excited that I popped in the rest of the covers. Air dried them and the sofa smells clean and fresh with no stains. Just like new again! This is the most exciting thing for me right now ever since we’ve been sheltering in place with this whole Covid-19 pandemic. Thank you!

  4. I want to tell you I am so happy this is still up! I read this post a while ago and was too scared to try it. My niece peed on my lounge II couch in the color Taft a few years back and I’ve lived with a water stain on one side. So sick about it and I tried carpet cleaning and we air dried it out and the spot would not go away. After going to crate and barrel and awwing over there lovely lounge couch like mine I decided to wash mine and it looks just like new again! I didn’t even use a special detergent and just washed on delicate, eco warm. I air dried my covers outside and even threw them in the dryer on delicate. Thank you!

  5. This worked so well, thank you! We also have the Crate & Barrel Lounge II sofa in the lighter taft fabric, AND a dog that sleeps most of the day on it. We’ve had the couch for about 3.5 years, and I have in the past paid $150+ to have it professionally cleaned once a year, yet it never looks much improved after each cleaning. Washing the covers on delicate really did the trick, and it looks like a much newer/cleaner sofa! In the future I will be skipping the “professionals” and doing this myself!!! THANKS!

  6. We’re looking at this exact sofa for our new home with an almost two year old, and I’m wondering if you’ve experienced any pilling with the Taft fabric? Not pulling or snags, but fiber flyaways? The sample we received seems to hold up to stains pretty well, but my biggest concern is having a beautiful couch that looks as though it needs a shave.

    1. Hi Laura – We’ve had it for a little over a year now, and yes, there is some pilling. I think if you just have kids that it likely wouldn’t be an issue. However, our doberman sleeps on the couch every night and I’m positive that’s what has caused the pilling. It’s not terrible, but it does annoy me a bit!

  7. tram nguyen says:

    Following your advice, I tested washing just the pillow cover for my lounge 2 c&b sofa. Delicate cycle, special detergent just for delicate fabrics, cold water. It came out ruined, with the appearance of bubbles on the fabric where the fabric has separated from the backing.

    1. Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that. Do you have the Taft fabric? I’ve washed ours on the delicate cycle in my washer about 4-5 times now with no problems, but I’ll add a note to this post about this issue.