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  1. Hi I want to get the Duktig for my daughter for her 2 year old birthday and customize it. She is very talk for her age and I wanted to get something that grows with her. You stayed that you. An add legs to the top of the set. I’m not sure what that means. Can you explain, please! 😉

    1. Hi! This kitchen comes with adjustable legs that you can use to make the kitchen taller or shorter

  2. Love this! Do you mind sharing which gold paint you used and how it’s held up? Looking to start this project soon, but am hesitant since I’ve seen others post about how the paint has chipped and not held up well. Thanks!

    1. IT did NOT hold up over time! I just gold spray paint, and if I was doing it again I’d definitely try something else.

  3. HI! I love this kitchen!! So cute! Just wondering what kind of paint you used and how many coats were needed? Has the color held up pretty well?

    thanks so much!!

    1. Thanks! I just used regular latex paint like you would use to paint a wall. We like Behr’s Marquee line from Home Depot. Typically 2 coats works best – and yes, it holds up great!

  4. That is an amazing kitchen. I really love this kitchen.

  5. I love this kitchen. Did you stain the counter top right is that contact paper?

    1. Hi, Emily! We sanded and stained the countertop. 🙂

  6. One more question. Did your mirror have a metal trim around the edge of the mirror. If so how did you deal with that?


    1. Hi Katya – I’m not sure I understand your question. There isn’t a mirror in the play kitchen at all…did you mean to comment on another post?

  7. I love the Melissa & Doug cookie set! I bought it for my niece a couple of years ago, and now I can’t wait till our daughter’s old enough so I can buy it for her too.

    And I love Jackson’s kitchen! I’m still a little torn on the wood vs. plastic kitchen debate though. I do think wood looks so much cuter, but since I had a plastic kitchen growing up that one has a little nostalgia for me. At least we have a little while before we’ll need to make a decision there!

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  9. This is just adorable– by far the most stylish play kitchen I’ve seen!