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  1. I have a couple of natural hack’s that I use !. OVEN CLEANER 1/4 c Bkg. soda, 2Tbs Dawn, Add enough White Vinegar to make a SLIGHTLY runny paste BRUSH ON AND LEAVE IT FOR 40- 50 MINUTES. Dip a Brillo in warm water and scrub, make sure to Rinse thoroughly!! FABRIC SOFTENER 2C hair conditioner ( no oil), 3c White Vinegar, and 6 c of warm water. I use an empty Fabric Container. SHAKER WELL!!! SHAKE AGAIN BEFORE USE!! PERK!!! You can pick whatever” scent you like” that is your only limit!!! CHEAPER THEN STORE BOUGHT AND WORK’S JUST AS WELL( BETTER CONTINUED USE MAKES BUILD UP OF SOAP IN YOUR CLOTHES TO COME OUT!!)

  2. I know everyone good to the Dollar store where of course everything is a dollar well I go there a lot I found some great plastic boxes with pretty colors you get 3 for a dollar I got 3 sets to organize my drswrrs that catch everything I haven’t started yet but I will soon also I bought some plastic baskets with handles they come in pretty colors also in using them to put my dirty clothes in makes washing clothes so easy just grab basket with all my dainty stuff in and what la no sorting love these also I have started. Getting those jars where the top has a clasp on it i use them for everything and you can see through them just grab the jar like for popcorn or bagged beans so much easier than hunting in really working on organizing my whole house this is just a few so off to dolor tree for more cheap but pretty items !! Get it done !! Char

    1. Sounds like some great ideas! 🙂

  3. I use Dawn whenever I spill anything on my clothes, and on our couches and pillows, too. It works wonders! I need to try a few of these other ones – especially the walnut trick.