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  1. Any thoughts on what to do with things like conference materials, articles, things that you might want/need to read for your job? I tend to get overwhelmed…I know the KonMari method says to toss it all. But does anyone have any other good tips?

    1. Great question! I’ve taken a few different approaches in the past. If it’s stuff you really feel like you can’t part with, my favorite way to store it is to grab a nice, big binder and hole punch everything and store it in there. It makes it easy to access and limits how much you can keep (once the binder is full it’s time to start purging!).

    2. I honestly think there is a bit in her book about going through magazine/clippings etc and organized them all in a book of sorts. Painstaking and time consuming and came to realize a while (year?) later that she never once opened it so she tossed it anyways. I’m excellent at wasting time like that!

      1. Oh no! I don’t remember that, haha – but I’m not a magazine clipping person. I definitely find myself getting caught up in time-wasting stuff like that sometimes too, though!

  2. We definitely have an abundance of books in our home that could use a good decluttering. This is a great way to free up some space. I just love those built-ins you have with the gold stripes. So pretty and great for keeping things organized!

  3. Yes! Books and books and more books! Love them.

    1. Haha I used to absolutely hoard books, but then I realized that I wasn’t ever re-reading them unless they were absolute favorites so I reduced my collection pretty drastically! I do dream of having a giant room full of nothing but books, though, so the urge is still there!

    1. Um, OF COURSE it did! 😉