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  1. I really appreciate this information. Thank you for taking the time to share with us. Did I interpret that correctly in that you do not need a vapour barrier above the cedar?

    1. I don’t feel confident saying you absolutely don’t need one. I have done this twice and didn’t use one either time, without issue. I also have spoken with Cedar Safe and they have said my method should be fine. But, it absolutely wouldn’t hurt to install one!

  2. Hi- I’m trying to find cedar moulding but I can’t! I used your links but it doesn’t seem to be available. Any ideas? Thank you!! Love this idea, I’m loving how it looks in our bathroom so far!

  3. It looks great! What are you attaching to, just the drywall or are you making sure your nails go into wood? I have a mildew stained ceiling and a lack of attic insulation above. Do you think I could remove the drywall and install the cedar over a layer of thermax or rockwool insulation?

    1. Just the drywall! These boards are super lightweight, and they interlock, so as long as some of them hit studs (which they naturally will), it won’t go anywhere. And I would imagine your plan would work great!

  4. Tracy McDaniel says:

    I love the way your bathroom ceiling turned out. I would like to do something similar. My guest bathroom is Seafoam green so not sure if that color would look good against the cedar. What do you think a soft gray against the Cedar would look like?

    1. Thanks! I think it would look gorgeous – I think the cedar color can really be considered a neutral – it blends with almost anything.

  5. I love this idea! We have a couple cedar lined closets we use for out of season wear, it is super for keeping bugs, moths, spiders, etc out of my clothes. I also sand it lightly to allow that fresh smell to keep the intruders out. That being said, do you need to sand the ceilings?
    Never would have imagined doing ceilings this way…ingenious!!!

    1. You don’t have to – it’s definitely something you can do if you want to refresh the smell a bit, but since it’s mostly just decorative it’s not necessary!

  6. Hey Amanda! The celling complements the all white bathroom beautifully. To think of you DIYing it to perfection — that’s a truly spectacular!