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  1. Jamie Garcia says:

    Love this solution for a small closet/small room! We have a guest room closet that’s super tiny like this and we use that closet to store a lot of stuff – we may need to implement some shelves in there! Would save me the hassle of rearranging the entire closet when I need to get one thing out.

    What will you do when your son gets older and needs more vertical space for his clothes? Remove the top shelf?

    1. Hey Jamie! It really does make things a LOT easier!

      Honestly, we (likely) won’t deal with the issue of needing more vertical space while we live here, since the plan isn’t to stay here long-term (I imagine this amount of hanging space will work well for several more years). But, if it did become a problem, I would probably remove the top shelf or simply move it down! Since this particular set-up was planned to store a very specific type of toy, I’m imagining that by the time he needs more vertical space he’ll also have outgrown that toy, haha. Thankfully, since these shelves are so simple to put together they’re also really easy to adjust as needed!