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  1. I hate trying to figure out the spacing on any project that requires precision, until a carpenter friend of mine told me an old trick the pros use. Take your stock and line up the number of pieces you are gong to need on one side, then measure the remaining distance to the other wall. Divide that distance by the number of spaces you want. This will take into account any variation in the width of your material as well and every single space will be equal.

  2. Hello, what type of saw did you use to cut the MDF board?

  3. Bruce kiley says:

    I’m installing a grid wall and I suck at math! Now that that’s out of the way, I have a wall that’s 171″ wide by 90″ high (baseboard will be the bottom stile). How do I get the grid figured out? As far as I can calculate, I’ll need 7 vertical and 4 horizontal for a total of 28 sections, but I’m not sure my math is accurate and that just doesn’t seem right. Any suggestions?

    1. It all depends on the size you want for your boxes! The post lays out what I did in pretty solid detail, hopefully that’s helpful!

    2. Lay it out on the wall using painters tape