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  1. Germany is the birthland of so many great games. Many times games will actually start out in Germany and we are waiting for them to be translated into English. There is an annual conference there every year in Essen where all the years games get announced and often times are in German first.

  2. Hi Amanda.
    Thanks for the new list, already looking for the Geman version of some of these.
    Have you played
    codenames (https://www.amazon.com/Czech-Games-00031CGE-Codenames/dp/B014Q1XX9S/ref=pd_bxgy_21_2?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B014Q1XX9S&pd_rd_r=3F2HTZPWWNVEBKT61AGS&pd_rd_w=8TRGB&pd_rd_wg=NyKAt&psc=1&refRID=3F2HTZPWWNVEBKT61AGS)
    it is so much fun with 4 or more people. We gave it to my brother in law for Easter and played nothing else all weekend “just one more round, just one more, just one more…”
    All the best from Germnay

    1. Yes! We LOVE Codenames!