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  1. It’s cool to run into a fellow Austin person while looking for stuff randomly about colors online. I just got a small condo near UT (my first home buy) and the possibilities for making it mine are a bit overwhelming atm.. one thing i’ve considered is making the ceiling light blue to reflect cool light and make it seem a bit taller

  2. Our house is a red brick that has some black and gray “smudges” or “streaks.”

    Our garage & shed are barn red, and the chicken coop we’re building is being painted the same barn red.

    As soon as the roof was on the coop – the wasps began to arrive. We remembered seeing on a television show that a blue porch ceiling could help repel wasps & birds building their nests.

    So: what shade of haint blue would you recommend to go with our house brick and the outbuildings that are barn red?

    Thank you for your suggestions.

    1. Hi Barbara – I’d recommend grabbing some samples or paint swatches and try them with your other exterior colors to see what works best for you!

  3. Did you use a satin or semi gloss finish? The wood on my back porch is stained dark brown and wondering if I should do a flat finish or go with satin?

  4. It keeps wasps from building also, not to mention spiders.

  5. Bit disappointed your article didn’t mention anything about it helping with mud dauber. I don’t know if it truly works but I just read another article suggesting it does, in fact, reduce the likelihood of mud dauber nests on your porch. I’m considering trying it for this reason.