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  1. I’d like to know what or how you’put up curtains in a push out area it has 5 windows 2 on each side that are the same size then the next 2 that are athe same size and the middle 1 that’s a little bigger. The 2 outside 1’s are the smallest. How do I hang curtains. It’s a cove like. I’d like to put up sheers and then hang a top curtain but I’m not sure as to how I can do that with it being a cove?

  2. I love this, and thank you for the great tips. Can you tell me what curtin color you chose? Thanks again. 🙂

  3. Please share the room wall color you used? I can’t seem to find it:) thank you!

  4. I’m amazed how similar our bedrooms look! Hey, twinsy!! I have the same wall color, same velvet headboard, same windows on both sides of the bed! I love your choices. I have however, been debating on how to make my curtains work. My windows, like yours are also sooo close to the wall. Ugh! Finding your blog was perfect timing with a great curtain option. Im especially curious about the focus wall proportions… What size is your bed and what are the measurements of your picture. Thanks twinsey!

    1. Hi! It’s always so fun to find a space with similar design choices to your own! 🙂 Our bed is a king, and the art above it is 40″x55″

  5. How would you hang the curtains when you have cove ceilings? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Where are the sheets from and what is the color name? Thank you!!

  7. Katie Cameron says:

    If I hang multiple panels on each side, how to I get the to close all together? Or do I just slide them all down individually?

    1. I would just keep them separate and slide them individually. If you’d like to sew them together, you could!

  8. Thanks for the great tips. Love the room color. Can you please let me now what color is it?

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  10. Do you still hang the curtains from ceiling to floor if it is a short, small window?

    1. It’s totally personal preference! I do on most windows, if it was really small I’d skip the curtains and do bamboo or roman shades!

  11. Diane Averitt says:

    This is beautiful. Can you share where you purchased the picture and rug from? Gorgeous!