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  1. I’m considering buying the wagner sidekick to paint a large interior section of my home and after reading this post and the wagner post I have a question! You talk about cutting in, is this necessary if all the walls are getting painted the same color? I have never done a lot of painting so this might be a dumb question, but I’m picturing not needing to tape off the sides (and thus cutting in) and just paint all the way to the corner. Is this wrong? Help a diy newbie please and thank you!

    1. Hi Michelle! Your roller won’t make it all the way into the corners, so you’ll still need to “cut in” with a paintbrush. You’ll also need to cut in along the top and bottom. But, no you wouldn’t need to tape the corners if you’re painting all four walls!

  2. Love this post! Thanks for sharing! Would you be so kind as to share what paint color you used?! It’s so pretty.

  3. I have painted some of the rooms in my homes with just a brush and roller, but after reading this, I really want a power roller!!! I second your reason for not washing a used paint roller, but for other reasons: the roller NEVER gets as clean as a new one, and cleaning and rinsing uses so much water. In California, wasting water is way worse than tossing a paint roller.

    Thank you for such a comprehensive post!

  4. A professional painter taught me that if you are painting the ceiling and the walls of a room at the same time and in different colors that you should paint the lighter color (usually the ceiling) in all the corners where the wall and ceiling meet without cutting in – like you were painting a corner where two walls of the same color meet. Then when dry, you cut in with the darker color. That way you’re only cutting once and you don’t have to worry about a teeny line of some previous color showing where your 2 cut-ins don’t quite meet. Hope that makes sense.