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  1. Hello, Amanda

    Two questions.

    This was all peel and stick correct?

    Did you put any of it down on OSB?

    Looks great to by the way. We just bought a ton of it at .24 a square foot, but I have seen lot of people say don’t do it on OSB.

    If you did, any tips and tricks would be great.


    1. Hi Casey –

      Yes, this flooring is all peel and stick. Our subflooring was plywood, not OSB, so I’m not positive about the details of installing on OSB. I’m not sure why it would be an issue, but if you’re concerned you could always install a layer of 1/4″ plywood before laying the flooring!

  2. Kaitlin Drake says:

    Hello! Your floors are gorgeous! I can’t seem to find the name of the flooring you used… Could you please share it with me? Thanks in advance. 🙂

    1. Thanks! You can see all of the details of the flooring we used and where we got it on this post!

  3. Did you use any extra adhesive when putting down the flooring or just what was already on the back? It looks phenomenal. Do you think it would be a safe option for an entire house? (Bathrooms, laundry room, etc.?)

    1. Thanks, April! Back when we installed this flooring we did not use any additional adhesive. Since then, they’ve changed the formula for the flooring a bit and I now recommend using a floor primer before laying it. I found mine right next to the flooring at our hardware store and it’s really cheap – it just helps it all to lay a little better. And yes, we have this flooring in our entire house and can’t recommend it enough! I actually had a reader tell me that her parents’ house flooded and the vinyl plank flooring was the only floor that survived.

  4. Hi,

    I am about to purchase this flooring!! One question….what did you use for your transition?? Or do you have it in every room of your house?

    I am putting this in my living room/dining combo area, hallway, kitchen and laundry closet (approx 600 sq. ft) but I have tile in baths and carpet in the bedrooms so I will need to run the transitions. Make sense?

    1. I don’t have great advice for you because we haven’t tackled this issue yet! Right now we do have transitions in our house but haven’t put anything in because long-term the plan is to have the flooring throughout our house. I think this would work just fine with a run-of-the-mill transition piece that you can get from any store that sells flooring, though! You’d have a slight difference in height from tile to this, because it’s so thin, but I don’t think it would be terribly noticeable.

  5. Hi! Floor looks wonderful. I actually read mixed reviews on that brand from Lowes. How is the floor holding up now that it has been a while? Just curious…really wanting to put in my entire house!

    1. We still love it! We’ve since done the flooring in our living and dining room as well (it’s been about a year since we did it) and we have had no issues, and it is still in fantastic condition. My sister has had the flooring throughout her house for a few years now, and they love it as well – we can’t recommend it enough!

  6. I love this!! I think it’s a great option for us in the future- since with 3 pugs, it has great benefits we look for. And it looks AMAZING! Great work, you two! 🙂

  7. Kim Vincent says:

    Yours looks wonderful. I have the vinyl flooring throughout my house because of a “jerk” dog also, ha! I have one room left to do. Love this stuff. Plus I have had mine for several years and it looks the same as when I put it in. So durable!

  8. Holy moly! That looks fantastic! It really looks beautiful! I am so impressed.
    I had no idea that floor that is easy to install could look so flawless. I think I might have to this about this for my bed room & guestroom 🙂

  9. Oh wow, it looks really good! I’ve seen that vinyl plank wood flooring in the hardware store before and we considered using it in our kitchen, but didn’t end up doing it because we were afraid it would look too fake and cheap. But I really love the way yours turned out…I’ll have to show this to Jason and see if I can convince him to go this route in the kitchen after all.

  10. holy heck that looks gorgeous. I never would think that’s not real wood (at least, not in pics). Does it feel like vinyl tile? We have peel and stick tile in our kitchen and I hate hate hate how it feels underfoot, and our microfiber floor mop doesn’t glide over the vinyl as easy as it does on the wood at my parent’s house. Any idea? We are totally down for the $1/sqft, and the waterproof thing is nice because, well, I’m a klutz sometimes.

    1. We have vinyl in our kitchen and this feels nothing like it! The texture is more similar to wood and I think it feels great underfoot. Not like real wood, but definitely not like cheap vinyl either.

  11. I LOVED this post – thanks so much for sharing! It looks amazing, and I really appreciate all the detail! We love hardwood, and have been about to replace all the carpet in our house, but with a baby, a toddler and a dog I’ve been wondering if we should do an ‘in the meanwhile’ option and go for hardwood in a few years instead… but was reluctant to fork out too much $ on a relatively temporary option – this could be just the thing!
    It looks great. I always look so forward to your new posts!

  12. Wow, the flooring looks FANTASTIC! That’s awesome that it was so easy to install too. May have to consider this, our carpet is kinda grubby.

  13. Great choice- it looks awesome! We installed hardwoods when we moved in three years ago and in some areas tehy are already scratched up. This sounds like a smart choice and it looks so nice. 🙂

  14. Oooh, I love the peel and stick flooring and the hardwood look is NICE!! Great job 😀

  15. They look so good! And it’s the perfect color with the paint in there. It’s looking fantastic. And if vinyl plank flooring is good enough for Ana White to use in her Momplex project, then it MUST be great stuff!

  16. Wow, it’s hard to believe that this is vinyl! Looks stunning in the nursury.
    We have hardwood floors in our rental and scratches everywhere (we have a dog and two cats)… In Germany (where we live) tiles that look like wood have become pretty popular, I had never heard of the vinyl option before… I will definitely keep this in mind for future reference 🙂

  17. We put a luxury vinyl tile in our kitchen and I absolutely love it. So glad to see others are jumping on the fancy vinyl train!

  18. It looks great! What does it feel like to walk on? Does it feel like wood?

    This spring we ripped up the vinyl in our kitchen and got engineered hardwood installed. We got talked into it because we have a dog and they said it would be much more scratch resistant than solid hardwood. But then we had all sorts of issues with it splintering!! ugh. I think in the future if we ever want to replace anything else, we’re just going with straight up hardwood. It will take longer to save for but at least it can be refinished! :/

    1. Ugh flooring can be so frustrating and expensive! It doesn’t feel exactly like hardwood, but it feels significantly different from the vinyl flooring in our kitchen – it’s textured like wood, so it actually feels more like wood than I ever expected it to!

  19. It’s gorgeous! I love dark wood floors and it goes SO nicely with the lighter colors on the walls and ceiling!

  20. The new floor looks amazing!! We need to redo some of our flooring and I really like this option (we have a dog). Is it something you get at Home Depot or Lowes? I appreciate all the details of how you installed it as well. Definitely saving this post!

    1. Thanks! Vinyl plank flooring is sold at Home Depot and Lowe’s, but we got the Lowe’s brand. It’s pretty awesome!