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  1. Elizabeth Rollins says:

    what color grout did you use?!

  2. I know this article was about tile backsplash.. but the blue cupboards are what caught my attention the most lol, I really like the colour..

  3. Fantastic transformation!

  4. Loved your post. OH my Gosh the little boy brought such memories and happiness to us. He looks Exactly like our 13 year old grandson at that age. We were just reminiscing this morning about those days when we raised two grands and Thankful for all of the Memories that we have. Keep making and documenting them because they bring such joy when you get older.

    1. Aww, thank you, Mildred!

  5. Lynne Hicks says:

    Absolutely beautiful! What a challenge you took on and the result was well worth it. I say go with the open shelves instead of cabinets. This will further “open” your kitchen and it it a truly modern look especially with your new beautiful subway tiles.

    Bravo to you, a beautiful job!

  6. Gail Dolly says:

    This is a really timely lesson for me because I will soon be tiling my kitchen backsplash AND the counter. I will just take my time and make sure I do each procedure properly. Thank you so much for the lesson … I now know that I CAN do it!

    1. Hope it’s helpful! Just take your time and have patience – I always joke with my husband that the reason I’m more patient than he is because I EXPECT to make mistakes, whereas he’s surprised when he does. So, expect mistakes and try to enjoy the learning curve!