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  1. Kim Santini says:

    STUNNING!!!!!!! x

  2. Ooooo Amanda, this accent wall is so pretty! I’ve always thought that wooden ones can be hard to get right, but you and Corey have nailed it! Well done on putting it together by yourself too.

    I agree that all the knots and imperfections look beautiful, and you’ve got amazing tonal range going on too. And it certainly does look great with your wooden wall art 🙂

    How long do you get to enjoy this wall before you move? I hope it’s a decent amount of time!

    1. Thanks so much, Emma! We’ve got about a month left, but the wall has been up for about a month already – so we’ve definitely been enjoying it!

      1. Two months is a good amount of time, I think 🙂 Will you be doing something similar in your new home?

        I’d be itching to put wood on every wall I could haha!