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  1. Annabelle says:

    Firstly, I wanted to thank you for this post- your directions are concise and easy to follow. Question- are the floor beams attached to the concrete footings at all? We rent our place, so I’d like to know it could be moved in the future. Thanks so much!

  2. I know this is an old post, but just wondering why you didn’t put the 4×4 posts in the middle of the deck blocks?
    Is it more structurally sound the way you did it? Or easier to attach to the 2×4 frame? I’m going to attempt this for my son this spring! So excited!

  3. Joe Kerskelky says:

    Why? Just why? Those poor trees dont deserve this.

    1. Not even sure how to respond to this one other than to say, hope you have a great day! 🙂

    2. lol.. poor trees over making a child happy…?

  4. We built this and it was Great! Very happy with the way it turned out and both our girls love it! Not sure how to post a picture but thank you for the plans! You have some very cool outdoor DIY things we’re definitely going to be making 😊

  5. About how much did you spend?

    1. Hey Lety! Unfortunately, we didn’t keep track of the budget for this project and it was a few years back so I’m not sure. My best guesstimate is that it would cost about $250-300(ish) in lumber, though!

  6. Simeon Shigg says:

    Is there a cut list?

  7. Simeon Shigg says:


    How do I get a copy of the plans or a cut list?

    1. Hey Simeon! Unfortunately, I wrote this post a couple of years back and didn’t officially put together plans or a cut list.

  8. I’ve always had this dream of a small, homemade, wooden playground that my husband could add a bright colored shade said over (what he does for a living), for the kids to play on, and I’m finally getting started, eee! But I just adore yours and the attached shade from the roof, we’re in AZ so they’d need the shade, couldn’t go without it! Might just have to leave my man’s expertise out on this one and do a bright painted wooden roof as well 😉

  9. Curtains (paint drop cloths or old sheets), an old rotary phone, a spyglass, a steering wheel… you know, found items that can be anything they imagine….

  10. This is adorable! And I love that you and Corey built it together 🙂