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  1. Your patio looks great! You can use mulch glue to keep the pea gravel in place.

  2. Priscella says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I have a nice wooden deck in my yard that is that was built on the ground under a big old black walnut tree; however, there is a space there is about three feet deep and about 20 feet long behind it that is a constant problem for me. I’ve been searching for a way to fix it up. I was thinking of pea gravel but I wanted some pavers as well which lead me to your blog. Your shared experience has really helped me. I definitely will not forget to add the paver base in my area. I’m so excited now…I finally feel that I can tackle what has been a eyesore in my life. I really want to enjoy my beautiful deck and adding this is so going to help accomplish that. Thank you!

  3. Those pavers weigh a ton. I sure hope you had a lot of help. I couldn’t even lift a 20 x 20 paver. I want to put a row of the 24 x 24s (spaced 4 in apart) right alongside my built in pool decking which is only 3’ wide. You’ve given me inspiration.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    This looks amazing and think I’d like to do a smaller version in my yard. However we do a a slight slope at one end and at the end of that slope it does tend to get a bit wet there in the spring when the snow melts or if we get a heavy rain. Do you think this would be a problem?

  5. How long it took you to finish the project? And how much did you spend at the end of the project? This looks so nice!

    1. Hi! It took about two weeks of working in fits and starts (in the evenings, during kid nap times, etc.) and I don’t have the exact cost but if I remember right, it was under $400!

  6. Hi! Working on this project now with your patio as a guide. Thank you for your detailed tutorial! How has your patio held up? I’m also in austin and wondering how many inches of paver base and sand to add. Thank you!

    1. It held up great! I didn’t work with paver base for mine, so I’d recommend doing a bit of quick research to see the best setup – I believe it’s around 2-3″.

  7. Craig Gholston says:

    Our canopy of trees is a blessing and a curse for us in our north Austin home. We love the shade in the summer, but we cannot grow grass in the backyard. Therefore, we are looking for an alternative to our “mud pit”. Thank you for your idea of paver stones and pea gravel.

  8. Gravel Binder is a product that ‘glues’ the top layer of pea gravel together so it doesn’t stray. Vuba (on Amazon) seems to have good reviews at a lower price than what Home Depot stocks. You have to tape or otherwise protect the pavers so the mix doesn’t get on them while applying.

    You have already worked so hard for a quality result – so maybe just file the Gravel Binder option away as a future project for if you get sick of sweeping peas.

    1. We did consider that! We never had an issue with the gravel spreading at all, though, so it was a non-issue for us, thankfully!

  9. This looks great! Do you have a link for the pavers? We have looked at Lowe’s and can only find gray ones which don’t really match our brick.

    1. Hi! These are gray – they’re from Lowe’s, just their standard gray large pavers.

  10. Hi there, looks great! Just curious — did you put an edging band around the perimeter of the patio? Or is that sort of black line along the edge next to the grass just weed barrier poking up?

  11. That looks awesome !! How many bags of sand did it take for your patio area?

    1. We had a local landscaping company deliver sand for us! We got about 2 cubic yards, if I remember correctly.

  12. Hey! Looks great. How far apart did you lay your pavers?? Thanks!

  13. Where did you get the 24″ pavers? We’re looking to do something similar in our yard and I haven’t had much luck finding ones that aren’t $$$, so we thought about pouring in place.

      1. Thanks Amanda! I’ll check it out!

  14. After doing several landscaping projects myself, I know how much work that is. Go you for getting it done!!! Take some time to enjoy it 🙂