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  1. Paul Mitchell says:

    Wow, thank you for sharing this. It can save me more space and the materials is not that expensive.

  2. Tammy Williams says:

    This workbench will save a lot of space. Thank you for sharing.

  3. David Jennings says:

    Nice work Amanda, I have been doing workbenches for a long time, I like the way you created this project.

  4. Bruce Johnston says:

    I have a same room size as yours, I will try to do this one maybe I can get more space out of it.

  5. Pete Wayne says:

    This workbench could really save more space and help organize things. Nice article!

  6. Michael Tandy says:

    Adding a dust collection system will help keep the garage clean.

  7. Mike Tandy says:

    Simple yet very still nice because it can save money and give you extra space.

  8. David Henry says:

    Organizing things in a room is a daunting task. This would really help save some space and it looks professional.

  9. Alexandra Mills says:

    Your work is perfect, amazing DIY workbench.

  10. Paul Frost says:

    Nice content! Truly an easy DIY workbench.

  11. I love this DIY workbench, the work is amazing and also the attention to details is very awesome.

  12. Hi Amanda, great work! The workbench looks great! We’ve crafted many workbenches over the years for our customers and it’s so nice to see other people’s work for inspiration. Thank you for sharing.